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                Dyes for polyester

                • > Artelon AQE

                  - Outstanding compatibility with good leveling.

                  - Recommend for rapid, reliable dyeing of pale shades on polyester.


                • > Artelon SL

                  - Dyes with very high light fastness to meet the specifications set by automotive industry.

                  - Good compatibility, and excellent leveling properties.


                • > Artelon SWD

                  - Disperse dyes especially for polyester micro-fiber.

                  - Complete color range and high strengh.


                • > Artelon SW/SW-W

                  - Dyes for the highest level of wash-fastness.

                  - Especially suitable for polyester/spandex blends.


                • > Artelon S

                  - high-energy disperse dyestuffs.

                  - working across a wide pH range.