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                Argazol BF

                ——Reactive dyes——


                 - Suitable for piece dyeing, cheese dyeing, hank dyeing and jig dyeing in both exhaust and continuous process.

                 - Good reproducibility, low sensitive to liquor ration, dyeing temperature, salt, alkali and dyeing time.

                 - High solubility, middle affinity, easy-wash.

                 - Recommend for cellulose and its blends.


                   Argazol® Bril.Yellow BF-4G 150%

                   Argazol® Bril.Yellow 4GL

                ● Argazol® Yellow BF-RR

                   Argazol® Yellow BF-DR 200%

                ▲Argazol® Yellow BF-3R 150%

                   Argazol® Orange BF-DB 200%

                ● Argazol® Red BF-RR

                   Argazol® Bril.Red BF-2B

                ▲Argazol® Red BF-3B 150%

                   Argazol® Red BF-DR 200%

                   Argazol® Bril.Blue BF-RN

                   Argazol® Bril.Blue R spec

                   Argazol® Turquoise G 133%

                ● Argazol® Blue BF-RR

                   Argazol® Violet FR

                   Argazol® Dark Blue CBL

                   Argazol® Navy BF-2GF

                ▲Argazol® Navy BF-RRN

                   Argazol® Navy BF-DB 200%

                   Argazol® Black B 133%

                   Argazol® Ocean Blue S-G

                   Argazol® Sky Blue S-V

                   Argazol® Rose S-V

                   Argazol® Black 2R

                  Argazol® Black RWG

                   Argazol® Black RWN

                   Argazol® Black DG

                   Argazol® Deep Black EFH


                   (● Good compatibility tri-chromatic combination for pale  ▲Economical tri-chromatic combination)